Aegean Eagles are an as of 2015 international LOTRO kinship. Founded by a group of friends on Gilrain in 2007, moved to Snowbourn in 2009 and now based at Evernight server. The company's idea, 10 years later, still sparkles. Welcome friend.
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 Raiding Schedule

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Kinship Leader

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PostSubject: Raiding Schedule   27/01/17, 04:27 pm

Updated Raiding schedule.

Pre-planned Raids:
Thursday & Friday

Starting Time:
22.00 GMT+3 (EEST) on Thursdays,
22.00 GMT+3 (EEST) on Fridays

EEST: Eastern Europe Summer Time.  

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. Raiding timetables will be arranged based on Eastern European Time & Eastern European Summer time. Residents of Eastern Europe observe standard time in winter (GMT/UTC +2) and daylight time in summer (GMT/UTC +3).

European countries using EEST in the summer and EET in the winter:



  1. Separate forum threads are created for each individual upcoming scheduled raid.

  2. Objectives and raid starting time will be announced at each event's respective forum thread and may occasionally change if needed.

  3. Kinship members/recruits will have invitation priority over pugs and members of the Eagles in-game channel, but anyone is welcome to sign up on the event's post and join if properly geared for the instance.

  4. People who show up on time will reasonably have better chances to enter the raid.

  5. Rotations between raiders and classes are always possible in accordance with the raid leader's/ raid former's calls.

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PostSubject: Re: Raiding Schedule   01/09/17, 05:50 am

Pre-planned raids are put on hold at least till Update 21.2, as all active members are preparing for the upcoming Mordor instance cluster.


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You understand?''
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Raiding Schedule
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