The Aegean Eagles are a multi-ethnic LOTRO kinship. Founded by a group of friends on Gilrain in 2007, moved to Snowbourn in 2009 and now based at Evernight server. The company's idea, 11 years later, still sparkles. Welcome, friend.
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 Application Garamel

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PostSubject: Application Garamel   Application Garamel Icon_minitime21/03/17, 07:02 pm

About you

Name & Age: Adi (22)

Where are you from? Bosnia and Herzegovina

Members/recruits who can vouch for you: Lillehil

About the game:

Can you download and speak on team-speak 3? Yes

Have you unlocked all level cap encounters despite of your account's type? If not, are you planning to do so? Yes

Your active characters' info (names, levels, classes): Garamel (RK,105), Weiirdo (105, beorn)

Does our current raiding schedule suit you? Which timetable are you most comfortable with? Can't see, link doesnt work.
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Raid Leader

Messages : 620
Age : 25
Location : Athens
Hobbies : singing DJ (excellent high notes and falcettos)
Crafting : I wax, i carve, i write, i cook, i polish and i don't like it
Registration date : 2014-12-16

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PostSubject: Re: Application Garamel   Application Garamel Icon_minitime22/03/17, 12:07 am

Greetings Adi,

The link demonstrating our current raiding schedule should be available for non-registered guests to see. Feel free to contact in-game any of our officers concerning your interest to join the kin, if you haven't already done so.

Application Garamel Psorokostaina_zpslysrzzwc

''Do you know me?
Well i'm the guy that tells you there are guys you can hit, and there's guys you can't.
Now that's not quite a guy you can't hit, but it's almost a guy you can hit. 
So i'm gonna make a fucking ruling on this right now. 
You don't fucking hit him.
You understand?''
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Application Garamel
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