Aegean Eagles are an as of 2015 international LOTRO kinship, founded by a group of friends on Gilrain in 2007, moved to Snowbourn in 2009 and now based at the Evernight server. The company's idea, 8 years later, still sparkles. Welcome.
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Executive producer's letter for 2016
05/01/16, 12:07 pm by Teucros

''Level Cap increase to 105: Your Imbued Legendary Items will not need to be replaced, but will continue to grow and level with you.

New instance cluster as well as a long awaited 12-man raid!''

Well, ladies and gents, the eagles are coming Wink

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Raid Progression (Aegean Eagles and Eagles raiding channel)
18/11/15, 03:51 pm by Teucros
We are very happy to announce that as of the 13th of November 2015 Aegean Eagles and Eagles raiding channel have successfully completed all LOTRO PvE 100lvl challenge marked content after getting down the last tiring fight of Battle for Erebor tier 2 challenge, which took us admittedly quite a few wipes.

Analytically the raid progress of 2014-2015 season in order of completions (counting only the instances we hadn't had the chance to attend after leaving the game for our big break at 65lvl cap):

Ost Dunhoth Disease/Poison wing tier 2 challenge (big thanks for Taters helping us with the tactics in there).

Ost Dunhoth Gortheron wing tier 2 challenge.

Ost Dunhoth Wound/Fear wing tier 2 …

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Raiding Schedule
21/01/15, 09:16 am by Teucros
Updated fix Raiding schedule.
unplanned raids and runs will always be happening in various different week days and timetables as usual...

Pre-planned Raids: Friday and Sunday nights.

Invitations starting somewhere around 21:30 (GMT+2).

Separate forum threads are created for each individual upcoming scheduled raid including any possible starting time differentiations.

Raids are being led by Koukouldor/Arcangelor, Ingolad/Ingostrel, Dolenu/Nenuiale and myself. The content run each time is ultimately decided by the present raid-leader after evaluation of the number,potential,gear etc. and discussion with the present raiders.

Eagles and members of Eagles raiding channel will have …

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For when should our second weekly raid be set?
Sunday Noon
 17% [ 4 ]
Sunday Afternoon
 9% [ 2 ]
Sunday Night
 35% [ 8 ]
Monday Night
 9% [ 2 ]
Tuesday Night
 13% [ 3 ]
Wednesday Night
 0% [ 0 ]
Saturday Noon
 0% [ 0 ]
Saturday Afternoon
 9% [ 2 ]
Fridays are enough for me, i have a life you know...
 9% [ 2 ]
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