Aegean Eagles are an as of 2015 international LOTRO kinship. Founded by a group of friends on Gilrain in 2007, moved to Snowbourn in 2009 and now based at Evernight server. The company's idea, 10 years later, still sparkles. Welcome friend.
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 Update 15.1 release notes

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PostSubject: Update 15.1 release notes   18/12/14, 03:12 pm

You can now use "Track Nearby Quests" in interior locations

We are pleased to announce that a Fellowship version of Retaking Pelargir is now available! The fellowship version of Retaking Pelargir features two new secondaries: The Ship-slaves and The Thrice-blown Horn. Additionally, all Epic Foes have been re-statted for group challenge.

The Fellowship version of Retaking Pelargir yields superior victory boxes that come with higher drop rates of good stuff, plus an exclusive surpris

Helegrod -- Drake Wing -- Completing the challenge properly awards seals and medallions again.

Epic Battles -- Helm's Deep -- Deeping Wall -- Various interactive objects now reference the proper quest, banner colors on the mini-map have been corrected, and objects no longer clip into walls/decorations.
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Update 15.1 release notes
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