The Aegean Eagles are a multi-ethnic LOTRO kinship. Founded by a group of friends on Gilrain in 2007, moved to Snowbourn in 2009 and now based at Evernight server. The company's idea, 11 years later, still sparkles. Welcome, friend.
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 Leading Team Members

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PostSubject: Leading Team Members   08/01/16, 05:45 pm

The following list will show all active characters of said members of the leading team:

Oveldir (LM), Overlixio (GRD) - Kinship Leader
Yelloweagle (BRG), Ovelix (RK), Ovelrod (HNT) - Active Alts without officer status.

Ealdin (GRD), Ealdgar (CPT)  - Successor
Ealdbelly (BRG), Holtwine (HNT), Ealdar (RK) - Active Alts without officer status.

Nenuiale (LM), Nenuadan (RK), Dolenu (MNS) - Officer
Fideldir (HNT) - Active Alts without officer status.

Mindarfin (RK), Amlegharn (CPT), Athenean (WRD) - Officer
Rodinil (CHMP) - Active alts without officer status

Skaredoon (GRD), Skared (CPT) - Officer 
Skaredemall (LM), Skarred (BRG) - Active Alts without officer status.

Teucros (HNT), Psorokostaina (BRG), Kervertros (BRN) - Officer
Demosthenes (RK), Ippokratis (MNS) - Active Alts without officer status. 

Koukouldor (HNT), Koukoulrod (BRG) - Officer
Arcangelor (WRD) - Active Alts without officer status. 

Please feel free to contact any of the above should you have any questions, concerns or comments.

Keep the faith.

Aegean Eagles
Leading Team
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Leading Team Members
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