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 Court Of Seregost Beta.

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PostSubject: Court Of Seregost Beta.   24/09/17, 10:58 am

Well Mujox told me yesterday that he saw me in a video i find it and here it is.
Before i join this group i solo the whole instance but i didnt know the mechanics for the last boss so i couldnt kill it.With the group we find out that insteed of killing the last boss you should destroy some couldrons in there the 2 npcs that follow you in sometime will tank the boss and the job done easy.

PS:If i knew that this dwarf will take  video i would probably play and dressed better Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Court Of Seregost Beta.   24/09/17, 01:55 pm

Bravo Andreas !
Our new ''Face'' of Aegean Eagles ! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Court Of Seregost Beta.   24/09/17, 02:19 pm

I did t1 with another rk and a ward tanking (without healer as well). The only problem is that the 2nd boss one shots light armours and we didn't find out the mechanin to stop it. However the warden was able to solo him. Other than that, it's mostly easy cause the light recuired for t1 is 100.
Also, the loot has been updated meaning the xp runes from chests now give about 450k xp instead of the current outdated 40-50k ones. Same for relics - we get t8 and t9.
I had a purple jewel drop from 1st boss that was better than current live teal (slightly better stats but more light), which makes me think that we have to farm t1 for those items in order to reach 200 light to be able to enter t2.
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PostSubject: Re: Court Of Seregost Beta.   

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Court Of Seregost Beta.
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