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 What to expect in 2018

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What to expect in 2018 Empty
PostSubject: What to expect in 2018   What to expect in 2018 Icon_minitime01/04/18, 10:21 am

LOTRO Lead Designer and Producer Director answering questions on their plans about the game in 2018. 

Here are some of the topics discussed:

Ash currency system - 3:42
Class balance vs PvMP balance - 7:49
64-bit client - 11:03
Fellowship manoeuvres - 13:36
New Premium Housing? - 17:35
End-game - 17:56
Upcoming content in 2018 (landscape) & Update 23 - 20:22
Dungeons of Naerbrand vs upcoming instanced end-game - 22:50
Upcoming raid in 2018 next big Update - 26:15
Alternative ways to get trait points vs Aria of the Valar - 29:07
Armour sets - 32:27
Legendary items system -36:24
Beorning - 41:30
Upcoming instances number & date - 44:09

What to expect in 2018 Psorokostaina_zpslysrzzwc

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What to expect in 2018
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