Aegean Eagles are an as of 2015 international LOTRO kinship. Founded by a group of friends on Gilrain in 2007, moved to Snowbourn in 2009 and now based at Evernight server. The company's idea, 10 years later, still sparkles. Welcome friend.
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 Eagles' Character {Kinship 'Rules'}

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PostSubject: Eagles' Character {Kinship 'Rules'}   14/04/16, 03:05 pm

Greetings friends,

We've decided to put up a thread offering a very basic understanding of those types of behavior and game-play we -as a kinship- approve or not. The explanation following has not had a typical form so far, because frankly it went without saying both between older members and newcomers. Its standardization, however, is in our opinion a much needed pre-caution measure to avoid possible misunderstandings in the future given the inflation of raiding interest we expect the new update will create.

First things first: Our easy-going approach of recruitment, forum/kinship membership status and rankings does not mean we are willing to put up with anyone and anything. There are a few inviolable ground-rules that had not been written down, because a) everyone - without exceptions - followed them, b) they could and can easily be extracted by playing and socializing with us.


There are 2 essential pre-requisites to be admitted into the kinship. 
A) One must join with all their active (raid-ready/level capped or not) characters. 
B) One must be willing and able to use the kinship's Discord server.

Being a part of the kinship equals being a part of the company the kinship represents. That is above and beyond ranks, attending group activities and helping around other members. It's about socializing with other members, enjoying the gaming experience among us, feeling at home, agreeing with (and not tolerating) each and everyone's personality and play-style within the kinship. Acceptance of diversity and inclusion are fundamental goals of our community. There's nothing typical about that. If you don't like hanging out with us, you have no real reason to be here. Joining the kinship for utilitarian purposes will automatically lead into isolation.

We implement... 

  • a weekly raiding schedule,
  • an accounting system for loot distributionrewarding raid availability, attendance and success,
  • an invitational priority pattern for planned raids**, not to undermine objective factors of raiding efficiency (like the required class setup).

*Despite the leading team's efforts to keep loot distribution as predictable as possible, end game loot is dynamic. Therefore, its accounting is always subject to changes, as a result of an ongoing dialogue between the kinship's active raiding squad at any given time. However, the leading team remains exclusively responsible for ultimately deciding on any such alterations and enforcing their implementation.

**Concerning raiding mains and alts, it has to be blatantly understood by every end-game focused player interested in joining the kinship that members' characters are at the service of the kinship. Rotations between raiders and classes before or during any raid are always possible in the interest of the kinship's raiding efficiency. If a player has several raid-ready characters, he doesn't get to choose which one he's gonna raid on. That is the leader's responsibility so as to favor class setup balance. 

Respective forum threads concerning the bullets above, which can be accessed by forum/kinship members only, provide additional information. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact any of our officers.

We are against game-breaking exploits of any sort. Not only do they make the game unnecessarily easier and promote inequality, but they also reflect poorly on the kinship's reputation. Whatever the game officially disapproves concerning game-play, we do too. Failing to align to the official game-play guidelines will result into dismissal.

We know that certain 'tricks', which could be argued to be exploits (the last boss door 'trick' in Dome of Stars was an example) are being widely used by the community –ourselves occasionally included. If any members feel such practices should not be used, then it is kinship policy that these are discussed amongst ourselves as to their legality. Should they be labeled exploits as a result of such discussions and therefore against kinship policy, then an announcement requesting kin members to desist using them will be made. Repeatedly violating kinship policies concerning game-play will lead to dismissal.  

Proselytizing, impersonating another member or the kinship as a whole wherever whenever (real life, official/unofficial forums/sites, in-game personal chat/world channel etc.), using profanity against any member of the community in or out of the game, or hate speech, or any other form of verbal discrimination directed to another player in or out of the kinship based on their racial, ethnic, sexual and other naturally given backgrounds and/or lifestyles are strictly forbidden and will lead into immediate and unannounced dismissal.

Note that there are occasionally highly arguable conversational topics in our kinship chat and Teamspeak 3 server, which can easily serve as expedients for conflict. We encourage disagreement, provided our members feature the maturity it takes to conduct such dialogues in a civilized manner. Maturity is not about one's phrasing, it's about one's attitude and stance. Hence, there's no censorship of any sort. In general, we take pleasure teasing one another and if you've ever joined us in-game or on Teamspeak 3 you must have probably noticed there's a lot of that going on. The line between messing around and bullying or otherwise abusing is pretty obvious: Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. Everyone is free to express themselves as they see fit, as long as their behaviors and opinions respect each and every other's existence.

Inter partes relations: 
Griefing, slandering, personal agendas and all other forms of micro-political boycott in between members aiming to harm the remarkably open-minded, laid back and cooperative social environment we've struggled to maintain are unacceptable. If you have a complaint about another member of the roster -despite their ranking- you let them or an officer know straight up. 

People tend to hide their disturbance or share it selectively with those they feel more acquainted with or believe will be more compassionate towards it. As a result, negativity gets piled up until it erupts resulting into vendettas. We've experienced similar situations in the past unreasonably creating too much distress and prejudice. We expect that our members have the integrity and courage to address their discomfort openly and boldly. That is a nuclear characteristic of being an Eagle. There's no way around it. No room for special sub-groups and cliques. There's only one group, one company, one community and that is the kinship.

Leader's Letter

        Remember that this kinship's touchstone is friendship. We are casual raiders. We deeply enjoy challenging end-game content more than any other of the game's aspects and therefore do strive to succeed in it by reaching our characters' full potential. However, despite being home to a lot of perfectionist PvEers, the kinship's game-play related expectations from members aim to simply help raise us to any successful raiding squad's standards, thus allowing us to experience the game the way we want to, and not strip it off its ultimate purpose, which is spending quality decompressing time away from our everyday's troubles

Prioritizing the pleasure that is derived from playing with others over fictional rewards is the essence of successful and socially healthy online gaming communities. In other words, we play because we like playing with each other in that context. We don't play with each other in that context because we like to play. It's keeping a relaxed atmosphere when grouping or otherwise socializing in-game that leads to efficiency and success, not the other way around. That takes effort. It requires being familiar with others' personalities well enough to take a seemingly harsh joke, tease one another, admit and correct each other's mistakes, feel comfortable to ask for help and free to speak out our minds while not being gagged. 

Consequently, these ''rules'' are not meant to militarize our gaming experience by patronizing peoples' behavior. All which is simply expected is that everyone maintains a clean play-style and a generally speaking acceptable attitude, much like one more or less does in any social environment. At the end of the day, an enjoyable gaming night full of in-game failures but filled with laughs is far more rewarding than any challenge completion.


''Do you know me?
Well i'm the guy that tells you there are guys you can hit, and there's guys you can't.
Now that's not quite a guy you can't hit, but it's almost a guy you can hit. 
So i'm gonna make a fucking ruling on this right now. 
You don't fucking hit him.
You understand?''
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Eagles' Character {Kinship 'Rules'}
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