The Aegean Eagles are a multi-ethnic LOTRO kinship. Founded by a group of friends on Gilrain in 2007, moved to Snowbourn in 2009 and now based at Evernight server. The company's idea, 11 years later, still sparkles. Welcome, friend.
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 Update 23.2 Release Notes

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Update 23.2 Release Notes Empty
PostSubject: Update 23.2 Release Notes   Update 23.2 Release Notes Icon_minitime30/11/18, 05:24 am

Notes means this is work still in progress. So far the changes seem very encouraging.

Highlights in my personal opinion:

Raid is on the way. Unfortunately it seems like an early beta server launch, which probably means players are gonna do most testing, hence learn tactics, hence bye bye progression. On the other hand, end-game tested by players usually results into quite a few bugs.

Crafted bind on equip new essences.

Burglar changes:

Burglar touch & go becomes a 10s duration +50% heal and mitigations buff apart from evade chance. At last this old panic button becomes relevant again.

Mark dmg bonuses are reduced but their secondary debuffs based on main trait line are brought to up to date ratings.

Beorning changes:

Heavy armour. The current gear will be converted into heavy and adjusted to its standards. We're talking stat and ratings increase. More morale, better mitigations etc.

Rez fixed with the introduction of a new in-combat rez ability with shorter induction.

Animations normalized!

Hearten, being the strongest self heal ability in-game atm, will have its cd doubled.

Update 23.2 Release Notes Psorokostaina_zpslysrzzwc

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Update 23.2 Release Notes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Update 23.2 Release Notes   Update 23.2 Release Notes Icon_minitime30/11/18, 02:23 pm

Update 23.2 Release Notes Unknow11
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Update 23.2 Release Notes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Update 23.2 Release Notes   Update 23.2 Release Notes Icon_minitime30/11/18, 10:36 pm

There are many different armour sets right now.
Each set gives different bonuses for 2, 4 and 6 pieces as the picture Ealdin posted shows.
For example there is light armour focused on crit, on mastery, on finesse, on -% induction etc. ;pretty much for every stat.
I really hope there will be class set bonuses too in the future builds.

Also new essences are very easy to craft (1 solvent, 1 shard, 15 crafted materials)
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Update 23.2 Release Notes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Update 23.2 Release Notes   Update 23.2 Release Notes Icon_minitime

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Update 23.2 Release Notes
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