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 Raid Locks explained

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Raid Locks explained Empty
PostSubject: Raid Locks explained   Raid Locks explained Icon_minitime18/01/19, 02:01 am

Original post on forums by LOTRO Dev....

Raid Locks explained Image

''Hi everyone,

There has been some confusion on how “raid locks” work, so I want to clear it up.

“Chest Locks” and the “Progress Quests” are different, and do not talk to each other in any way.

Chest Locks: When you kill a boss and open a chest, a property is stamped on your character that does not allow you to open the same chest again or get loot from said chest until that chest lock resets. This is Monday/Thursday/Saturday for Tier 1 and Thursdays for Tier 2 and 3. You can kill this boss any number of times you want, but you will only get loot once per reset period.

Progress Quests: These quests are offered from the NPC Hórin at the beginning of the raid instance. They track your boss completion through the raid. There is one per tier, and their function is to allow players to bypass bosses and trash monsters that they have already defeated, in case they come back to the instance at a later time. These quests reset at the same time as the raid locks, cannot be completed, and are also cancelable. They are primarily intended to be a convenience to players. 

They function like this: The raid space checks for the progress quest status of the first character to physically enter these thresholds:

1. Upon zoning into the instance
2. Upon zoning into the Anvil interior space
3. Upon crossing the door after Thirteen Kings
4. Upon crossing the door to Karazgar’s room

I believe there is some confusion in part because this is slightly different than the way Abyss handled this. Abyss only checked once, upon entering the instance. I set it up to check more often, in part because you enter a different space after the first boss, and in part because it will allow players to skip middle bosses if they so desire.

If everyone in your raid group is on the same step of the progress quest, you don’t need to think about this at all. If that is not the case, have the person with the desired lock go first through these thresholds. Remember, you can always choose to not pick up the quest from Hórin or cancel it at any time!

Happy Raiding!''

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Raid Locks explained
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